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Passion Is the Reason Why

Hmmm…. 2:30am… Feels like a perfect time to write!

I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but inspiration is a fickle mistress. I also suppose I had to do a certain amount of living to really get into a writing groove again. But now that I’m in this groove, I have to wonder why I even have a blog at all.

People ain’t reading no em effin’ blogs in 2018.

Well, I guess I’m keeping it alive because I love writing. That and I need something to pass the time while I’m up during odd hours at night.

I was talking to my homie Busy the other day about making music. Some of y’all already know I try to do my thing with music, but Busy also produces beats. He told me something along the lines of…

I’m never going to stop making beats. It doesn’t matter if a bunch of people hear it. That’d be nice, but I’m always going to make music either way. I just love the process. 

I kind of feel him on that. Recognition is dope, but it’s just food for the ego. Passion is food for the soul. At least that’s way I see it. I’d rather live my life with a variety of passions and no recognition than live with no passions while having the everyone’s recognition.

I guess that’s as good of a place as any to end tonight’s thought.

Peace out, party people!


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