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Passion vs Money: The Struggle Is (Kinda Sorta) Real

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I’m lucky to be living a life that allows me to explore multiple creative passions. Hell, it’s evident in the fact that I blog, podcast, draw, make music for free with small, albeit growing, audiences. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it. Ideally, I’d love to have one or more of my passions spark enough interest for me to earn a partial or complete living from them. The problematic elephant in the room is I’m not at all passionate about the work it takes to grow that audience (not the nitty gritty hands-on stuff, anyway) Between this rock and hard place, I’m engulfed in the struggle of passion vs money.

Did you notice how I included, ‘passion vs money’ in the opening paragraph? That’s for BS SEO purposes. In fact, in only helps me to keep mentioning ‘passion vs money’ in this article so I can hopefully, possibly score a point the game of capturing people’s attention. As much as I hate doing it because I’m bending my writing style to accommodate this, I can’t even deny that it works.

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Show me the money, President Google!

I do little things here and there to foster growth, but I’d be lying if I said they were my focus; I’m much more into honing my song writing and singing, developing my drawing style, and posting these blogs on teh internets. That said, every now and then, those who love and believe in me most say, “Wut tha eff, Dre? You need to be doing this, this, and that if you want to become big.”

To them I say, “Passion vs. money.”

After that I usually dive deep into some elongated diatribe about how I can’t do everything myself, when, in reality, I could easily do more if I had less passions I was pursuing. I’ve read books about this being a common problem with creatives so I hope more than a couple of you out there feel me on this.

But that’s the problem: at the end of the day, I give ZERO four-letter F words about money. None at all. I kid you not when I say before I met my fiance, I was looking into options for going completely off the grid and living self-sustaining life.

Or somehow join a Buddhist monastery lol.

That’s totally not a joke either.

My life is on another path now and, for the most part, I love it. As I said in the beginning, I’m lucky. There are plenty of people in this world who don’t even have the opportunity to have this very privileged dilemma. If I could change that this second, I would; everyone should have the opportunity to at least discover their passion even if it can’t be the focal point of their lives.

With that cliche millennial thinking out of the way, what’s a brotha to do? If I attack this by simply working harder, I’m going to lose my passion for it. I’m especially prone to this during this growing phase that nets zero profit (and in way too many instances, a loss). I already have a job, one that actually pays me. The prospect burning the midnight oil to work on a money-making idea just doesn’t entice me as much as it did in my twenties. I love my art too much.

And sleep. Sleep is totally a passion of mine as well.

My other option is to enlist help to take care of those nitty gritty hands-on details I mentioned earlier. The thus far neglected tasks that would only help to increase growth, exposure, and productivity.But unless I get my hands on an intern (figuratively speaking, ya perv) or find a kind-hearted volunteer who likes to perform pro bono assistant work for whatever reason, I’m gonna have to come up out of my pockets/wallet and pay someone.


Or maybe, just maybe, the answer lies somewhere in between. Or maybe it’s time to go off the grid. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but once I do, you can expect a follow up.

Passion vs money, amirite?

Peace out, party people.

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