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Saltiness Is an Epidemic, Y’all

Why are people so effing salty sometimes, y’all? Seriously. I saw some hater ass s**t the other day when a dude I know (for all intents and purposes, a cool guy and I know this single thing doesn’t define him) posted a picture saying, “Like if you support the marriage between a man and a woman.”



You had mad long to celebrate “traditional” marriage and never said anything until gay marriage was made legal in the US. If it doesn’t affect your everyday life and isn’t a negative impact, why do you care? That just being a hater for the sake of being a hater.

People are salty about all kinds of things nowadays, and I’m not talking about legitimate gripes. For example, I was on the bus a few weeks back and I heard this guy on the phone talking trash about millennials because a couple of kids were yapping about the apps on their phones. This guy called them lazy and over-privileged.




Isn’t that what people work hard for – so their kids can have an easier life? And when they have that easier life, you’re upset about it?

There’s no winning with salty people. I just don’t get being upset over someone else’s happiness or mad about something that doesn’t affect you or hurt anyone else. It’s crazy. Do salty people wonder why they’re salty? Are they even aware?

We need to stop saltiness before it spreads to far. I feel like someone can pretend to be a hater and do so in jest, but being salty is an affliction that can make a person just suck to be around. So if you see a salty person, call them out. They have no problem dumping their saltiness all over the place.

Doesn’t too much salt raise your blood pressure? They’re a health risk too! I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

Anyway, tell your loved ones to be aware of saltiness. If you know someone who is afflicted with saltiness tell them it’s okay, the potential for being salty is in all of us. That said, if you’re going to stay salty, keep it to yourself.


Peace out, party people.

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