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Walking the Path Less Traveled

Greetings from Scandinavia, party people! After two weeks of getting my bearings in Sweden, my lovely fiance no-so-subtly hinted that I have no excuse to let my blog fall to the wayside. My mistress, Procrastination, was none too happy about it though. Oh well, now that I’m actually back to honing my writing craft, how about we talk a little about this journey we call life, shall we?

I was talking to a former coworker of mine regarding the dude who took over the Application Support Director role after me. Keeping in this company’s tradition, homeboy was fired and then blamed for any and all problems regardless of whether or not they were actually his fault. You know, the usual: failed projects, poor customer feedback, software issues, Justin Bieber, childhood obesity…

The usual.

If this was 2012 Dre, I would have bathed in the tears of the yes man who took my place, but schadenfreude is far less delicious when you walk your own path. Nowadays, I just shrug and say, “Oh well, thems the breaks.” I’m not in competition with anyone fighting their way up/maintaining their spot on the corporate ladder so there’s no reason to kick anyone who stumbles. As “successful” as I was at various points, I’ve had my share of stumbles too.

Some harder than others.

So I’m now walking a path where my only pursuit is happiness. Word to Will Smith.

But not Jaden because he sucks.

I’ve always been a rebel. I was the kid/teenager/adult who had a tendency to go left when most people are veering right. I’m not a fan of authority for the sake of authority or rules for the sake of rules. I can’t keep myself from questioning everything. Because of these factors, I absolutely suck at conforming to what the mainstream is doing. Not that the mainstream is totally bad; I’m just an extremely square peg in that very popular round hole. It also doesn’t mean I can’t “succeed” on the mainstream road. It does mean that won’t be happy continuing on it.

So now I’m in Sweden, walking down a road I never expected, yet I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’m not totally unique though; many of the branches have been traversed by others, but the difference is I get to explore this road and pick and choose the various paths that best suit me.

Now I can finally think of myself as successful minus the quotation marks.

Peace out, party people.

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