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Living in a World without Compromise


I sort of feel like we as a species are losing the concept of nuance. I mean, is it me or does everything have a Hatfield vs. McCoy kind of feeling to it? Black vs. white, gay vs. straight, men vs. women. Trump vs. Hillary,  SJW’s vs. extreme conservatives, cops vs. #blacklivesmatter, Drake vs. Meek Mill… Well, some battles are more important than others, but my point is I see a whole buncha fighting and not a lot of meeting in the middle. So what’re we doing here?

The reason why I have a great relationship with my fiance is communication. I mean, chemistry always helps, but communication is the foundation for longevity in a relationship. The next layer is compromise, but herein lies the problem. See, compromise is a breeze for me and my fiance because we love each other. Seeing as people are killing each other for the most illogical reasons, I’d wager to say there isn’t a whole hell of a lot of love in the world right now. Not enough, anyway.

A few years back I remember replying to a post on Facebook about culture appropriation. I thought the post was an over-reaction, but a friend of said poster didn’t agree with me. I hit him up on the side and said, I’d love to have a lengthier discussion on it and share ideas. Now, I fully know this is going to seem like I’m throwing shots…. because I totally am lol. Homie is all rah rah about social issues, but he’s unwilling to have a conversation with someone with an ever-so-slightly different POV. I get it, he doesn’t know me like that, but isn’t that the issue here? How can we ever get on the same page if there’s no communication. That said….

Social media is also a shit show when it comes to reinforcing the constant bickering. More often than not, social media isn’t conducive to actual conversations. Most people just post pictures, memes, links and short videos that can never capture the nuance of any issue. Furthermore, if you don’t have to deal with a character limit a la Twitter, you won’t get many people checking out a lengthy thought out post because, let’s be real, nobody’s trying to read all that. Hell, I’m shocked when people actually read all the way through one of my blog posts. WHatever the case, we’re essentially talking at each other instead of with each other.

There a lot of pain and anger in the world right now. I don’t have the answers but cooler heads need to prevail before the pendulum swings too far in the wrong direction. Reasonable, open-minded people need to come together because there are a gang of angry/misguided/corrupt/overzealous people working overtime to make life harder for the rest of us.

As a final note, I’m not approaching this in a “this should happen, but I’m not gonna lift a finger” type of way. I want to bring people together. I’m doing it now, little by little, talking to people I know with similar enough mindsets (shoutout to Roque). I have ideas on how we canfind a place of compromise, but I’m done arguing. I want to talk to the people who want to compromise as well as build a better society. I don’t care what your opinions are right now. All I care about is peace.


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