5 Things I Love About Sweden (So Far)

Alright, I already wrote up a lil somethin’ about five things I wish Sweden had, but it’s time to look at the brighter side of things here. After all, there’s a lot to appreciate. Although I haven’t scratched the surface of what this country has to offer, I think it’s time to talk about the 5 things I love about Sweden (so far).

  1. Less Processed Food


    I can’t even lie; I’m an unapologetic foodie. Hell, good food is part of my own personal holy trinity along with wine and… er… the horizontal mambo. With that in mind, you know I’m all about quality food. The US has quality food too – Sweden isn’t special in that regard – but if you want it, you’re paying a price for it. You won’t find a Swedish equivalent to American cheese (yuck) that’s for damn sure. Potato chips with only 3-4 ingredients? And it’s a mainstream brand? Imagine that! On top of all that, eco-friendly packaged foods are a breeze to find here. Look at you being all progressive, Sweden!

  2. Police/Citizen Relationshippolice knitting in Sweden

    Soooooo without getting into a long diatribe, we all know the police/citizen relationship is strained in the US to say the least. No matter what point of view you have, it’s pretty undeniable that things could be much better. As for Sweden? Well, people actually seem to like cops here.

    You see that picture up above? Yeah, people in the community made that and posted it in front of the police station in Lund. Can’t say I’ve seen that in good ol’ Paterson, New Jersey.

    I’m not saying everything is rainbows and glitter-farting unicorns, but it’s pretty cool to see. Also, there are no arrest quotas, prisons actually try to rehabilitate inmates, and there are far less violent incidents with officers than the US.

    Just saying.

  3. Pear Cider

    pear cider

    Dude, why is pear cider nowhere near as big a thing as apple cider in the US? Is this some type of fruit racism? Do we need to implement affirmative action for pears so all the cider jobs don’t go to apples? Am I asking ridiculous questions???

    Whatever. Get your game up, America!

  4. Good Public Transportation

    eco bus

    Alright, I fully acknowledge this is self-serving because I don’t plan on owning a car again unless I absolutely need one,  but if you don’t live out in the sticks, public transportation is downright decent here. Granted, I’ve always been lucky enough to live in areas in the US where quality public transportation is available, but make no mistake that much of the US requires you to have a car at your disposal.

    Bonus: Most public transportation in Sweden is eco-friendly. Pretty dope, right?

  5. Lund


    I’ve been to a few towns in Sweden over the past couple months and Lund is by far my favorite. It’s a really progressive college town that surprised me with its cultural diversity. It has this unique mix of small rural town and hipster college town. You will get a little bit of everything here… even a board game store. Or a lamp store. Or weird unicycle-riding college students dressed in spandex suits.

    At the very least, you’ll be entertained.

Peace out, party people.

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