How Dare You?! #apologize



What’s going on, people? Yesterday was an interesting experience; a buddy of mine posted a link on Facebook to an article talking about the insensitivity of Pharrell Williams for wearing a Native American headdress on the cover of the fashion magazine.

Oh the humanity.

Now, I know I’m going to get some shit for this one (technically I already did), but I feel that getting offended is no more productive than the person who is doing the offending. I am fully aware that I live a privileged life and I do not know the hardships that other people have gone through. With that in mind, many people do not know the hardships that I have encountered in life either. However, how does taking offense to something solve a problem? It’s simply a reaction.

A reaction that, lately, has produced a glut of forced apologies. At least when it comes to celebrities.

Now, I am in no means saying that people are not allowed to be offended, but what I am saying is there are more deliberate methods to show disapproval rather than guilt tripping someone into accepting your way of thinking about things. This is the exact point when the oppressed becomes the oppressor.

I’m not asking anybody to agree with me; this is simply a thought I wish to introduce and perhaps someone may agree with me. Perhaps not. I don’t really care either way; I simply feel why not open it up for discussion? We spend so much time worrying about what we don’t like, who we don’t like, and how we can further the agendas with which we agree. At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong, because in everyone’s mind they feel that they are just in their actions and beliefs. If that wasn’t the case, people wouldn’t do them.

Now let’s take a different perspective: in my opinion, I feel that most people do hold similar ideals and are, at their core, a product of a morale system that is built within us as human beings. There is a large difference between what feels right or wrong and what we were taught is right or wrong. The latter is where we have some issues.

I don’t believe there are evil people in this world. I believe there are people who were taught to have a certain set of beliefs or their beliefs were molded based on their experiences in life. What we really have is a fucked up system. A fucked up system that we are stuck in because many of us cannot see past our own belief system.

So what happens? We limit our progress by playing this game of good versus evil where both the oppressors and the oppressed feel they are just. Realistically, the players in the game have been fooled into thinking they control the game whatsoever. From capitalism to religion and practically everything in between, every single one of us perpetuate the cycle by looking at individual instances of things we do not agree with rather than tackling the issue at large: the game is no longer in our hands.

Oh, it’s so easy for you to say that.

You’re goddamn right it is! The reason why I say this is because the game and all the moving pieces within only have as much importance as we decide to give it. Realistically, you could screw over millions of people or complain about Pharrell and his fashion choice du jour all you want. You are still going to die someday and none of it will have meant a thing.

Or maybe it will. You won’t be around to see it so you’ll never know.

Or maybe you will.

I’m not saying we should stop fighting for justice, equal rights, or just plain human decency. But the people are less the problem than the actual system that is in place here. There are so many people in this world, and regardless of how much we fight to attain that after mentioned rights and justice, we find ways to hold each other back while the system in place marches on.

I have seen people fight and protest for their rights who could still look at a gay man, for example, with disgust.

And the system keeps on chugging.

I don’t even know if I have a point here. I guess it’s just crazy to me that we’re willing to indulge in this game. Realistically, the way that I fight against the game is by not needing it. My life will always be my life and I am content with whatever comes my way. Along the way, all I can do is make sure I treat everyone with respect and do as much good as possible for my fellow man and woman. Fuck being offended; that does nothing.

At least for me it doesn’t. You can do whatever you want to do because at the end of the day, it’s just another blip in the grand scheme of the universe.

But maybe, just maybe, if we agree (and by we, I mean both the oppressors and the oppressed) none of this (and by this, I literally mean everything) is as important as were making it out to be, perhaps we can stop impeding on our own progress as a species and just start enjoying this life. Stop dicking each other over. Stop lusting after money when in reality, it has no value. Stop guilting and shaming each other. Stop trading one form of oppression for another simply because you believe you are just.

Once we all get past our own bullshit, maybe we can finally start to live. Together.

Till next time, peace out party people.

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