Power Always Corrupts


So the Internet noticed Ferguson, Missouri. I was seriously wondering when social media would take a bigger stance on the corruption of police departments. Say what you will about cameras and invasion of privacy, but these cops seem like they’re the ones on the losing end. It’s insane how many videos I find where a police officer is caught abusing his power.

The crazy thing is, this isn’t the first murder that has occurred at the hand of police recently. Remember Eric Garner? That was less than a month ago.

Countless people have claimed cops abuse their power for all manner of reasons. The difference now is there’s more proof than ever. Hell, I remember when I was younger, a cop pulled me over and claimed he’d seen me arrested a few times before.

Can we now all agree that we are ingrained in a system that needs to be overhauled? Yes? Please?

Can we not treat this as a hash tag event that will be sure to die in a few weeks?

Pretty please with sugar on top. © Pulp Fiction.

This exists in America. This isn’t another country. This isn’t just a story (barely) on the news. This is reality. These are American citizens. If you want to be racist, be a racist, but we are all Americans. This means EVERYONE is entitled to the same rights.

That said, rights are bullshit. Our rights get violated on a daily basis. You do realize the Constitution doesn’t actually protect any right to privacy?

I’ve worked at enough places where I’ve seen management step on people’s necks when folks get too uppity. It often happens when the “powers that be” are insecure and realize they’re losing control. This is pretty evident in how geared up these cops are.


That much gear tells me you know any day now, your OWN CITIZENS may realize this is all bullshit and start a riot.

Wouldn’t be the first time.

I’m going to level with you. I know it’s easier to turn a blind eye and wait for someone else to deal with it. But  if you’re okay with this, then you can’t try to ever sell me on the bullshit idea that we all stand as one in this country. We don’t. Shove that shit up your ass and be honest. This country is about that money. NONE OF US mean shit.

Except we do because a government is nothing without citizens.

Just saying.

Peace out, party people.

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