My Journey Toward Financial Freedom: Keeping Goals Simple

For the past few months I’ve been focused on becoming financially independent. By this I don’t mean being rich, but rather living the life I want without being dependent on any single source of freedom or falling into debt.

I’ve been failing miserably.


But failure doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I’ve often thrived in moments of adversity so I want to take a different approach here. Though my audience is small at the moment, I’m going to be sharing my experiences, successes, and failures. This is a new journey, one that demands persistence. I figure if I share what I’m doing, it’ll make me that much more accountable.

I can’t slack when people are watching.

Also, if anyone else is interested in what I’m doing, they can learn from my mistakes. Trust me, I’ve made a lot of them.


Oh no… That’s just… Jeez…

So let’s break this down. What do I need in my life?

  1. My girlfriend
  2. A place to live
  3. Food
  4. The Internet

Simple enough, right? You’d think so, but the majority of this world runs on this thing called money. There are some rules that are inescapable, I suppose.

Unless the system changes. That’s a story for another day.

Let’s start figuring out how to game the system.

I’m lucky to already have this covered. Love is a beautiful thing, people. Embrace it.

Place to Live
I have a place right now, but it’s not where I want to stay. It’s a little hood and, truth be told, I want to experience something else. So I’ve been exploring a few options:

  • Going Nomadic – This is probably the most daunting option because it is the most uncertain. It’s also the most freeing and where my mentality has been headed in recent months as it requires one to be untethered to just about everything. Life becomes more about experiences rather than possessions. Ideally, I’d also like to have a “home base” that I sublet occasionally while I’m out being a vagabond. This is what I want the most, but I need to discuss it with my girlfriend (though I think she’ll be fine with it).
    BONUS: This allows me to take more chances with my music in terms of performing.
  • Staying in the US – I may be totally wrong here, but the US doesn’t feel like the place I want to be for the remainder of my life. That said, I know I have definite options in the US. I can keep my place now ($1200 a month) or I can take on my parents’ place after my father retires (less desirable, but more affordable). Another option is moving somewhere more affordable in the US. Colorado and Arizona are super enticing in terms of affordability, but San Francisco and Seattle have been on my mind.
  • Moving Out of the US – I haven’t thought this one through as much, but I’m totally open to it. I’ll write an article on this option once I have more research completed.

It’s delicious, if you’re lucky.

This is vital. Having the Internet means I’m able to maximize my earning potential as well as maintain connections. I’m probably going to invest in a wireless access point so I can work on the go.

Outside of these, the only expense that I have to worry about are my school loans ($1000 a month). One of my inspirations is Tim Ferris who recommends breaking down finances based on how much money is needed per day for survival. I need to earn less than $35 dollars a day to take care of my loans. Not too shabby. Thing is, my loans are only part of the story. How much do I need to earn to live the life I want?

Not as much as I thought, but this is still tricky without a full-time job.

Without getting into detail, I want to earn a bare minimum of $125 a day. Based on my current lifestyle, this gives me enough to pay my bills as well as have some side money. This is less than half my previous salary.

Funny how little money one needs when they stop spending money on “stuff.”

Next time, I’ll touch on options I’m exploring to hit my number and minimize my needs for a full-time job.

Peace out, party people.

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