Spoken Word Piece: My Eyes

My Eyes

Keeping the writing trend going, here’s a spoken word piece I wrote in early 2013. Enjoy!

I have two miracles I ignore most days
They keep me safe as I drive, whether day or night
Whether rain or shine or whatever the postman says
They’re my eyes
They help solidify the world around me
Darkness into color, color into shapes, shapes into objects
Without it there no beautiful flaws on the face
Of a woman I admire from afar, sometimes they even piss me off
Because instead of admiration, she may think they’re here to stalk
Mischievous at times, fooling my mind when subtle glances
Look like monsters in the night instead of silhouettes of tree branches
But I understand it
I was once the same way
A prankster in need of a spanking, lumps of coal in Santa’s sleigh
My eyes, bad at night and better in the day
But don’t stray too far or all your features fade away
Stay close so they can absorb the depth of each pore
Scored upon the surface of your epidermis
Searching for the purpose of “why”
Why? Why everything? Why are we even alive?
So my eyes decide to have a meeting with my mind
And confess they don’t get it, but my mind says neither do I
Let’s conference in my heart; you mean that really weird guy?
Who’s always beat boxing, stays in Dre’s chest, but he’s always leaning to the side?
You mean that guy?
My brain says no, no, you see, we’re here present the world
I make sense of it while the heart searches for the meaning
Meaning? What meaning, I ain’t never seen it
And I’ve chilled with Europeans and Puerto Ricans at their beaches
Mountains, trees, leaves, the moon, and stars – I’ve seen it all
But I’ll be damned if I know what any of it means
Well, my mind says, you aren’t the heart
For example, look at that ball. You see it?
No matter how much you stare, that ball will be a ball
That’s all it’s ever going to be
But life, well, it can be anything we can imagine it to be
So if it’s anything we want, then the heart concocts a purpose
And everyone’s is different, fingerprints traipsing the possibilities of time and space
Some don’t even care, life is for their children’s sake
Or maybe it’s for heaven, maybe there’s no such thing as a meaning
Still, we make our meanings nonetheless, and that’s the beauty of human beings
But, wait, wait, now I get it, I’m never going to see a reason for us existing
But if it’s not that noisy jerk pumping blood, just who is this heart?
My brain tries to speak, but my eyes say, listen
Obviously, this guys should exist somewhere, where is he?
Nope, not over there. Or there.
Or there. Or there. This fraud is absolutely nowhere
Ah-ah. Wrong again my friend. The heart exists.
It’s comprised of us, but my eyes cry bullshit
Well, let’s put it this way. You see things everyday and obviously, they’re in their proper place
They’re not us, they’re them, but to see our own face
We need cameras, reflections, artists, hell, people’s memories may even be enough
But how do we know who we are if it’s something we can’t see and touch
At the same time, we need help from other beings, objects or devices
Proper lighting and at least 5 megapixels just for confirmation on what we even look like
So if vision is the proof, and, let’s be honest, it mostly is
Then we can perhaps argue, that without others, we don’t fully exist

Peace out, party people.

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