Tracking My Progress: Week 1 – Freelance Failures and Small Victories

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Okay! So a week has passed since I really started tracking my progress toward financial independence and making some of my creative dreams happen. I’m going to be totally open with successes and failures so people can avoid the mistakes I make. Also, if anyone has any thoughts, feel free to share as well! Let’s win together!

First, my long term goals just in case you don’t know where I stand. I have five general goals I’m trying to achieve as quickly as possible. We’ll touch on the short term goals in a sec. Those are more specific.

Long Term Goals

  1. Become financially independent and abandon the need for a typical 40-hour job
  2. Support independent businesses and artists on a broader scale
  3. Adopt a more nomadic lifestyle
  4. Invest in a “home base” for said nomadic lifestyle
  5. Pursue all personal creative projects

Some of those goals are purposely vague. These are concepts I’m working toward; my short term goals are the steps to make the concepts more concrete. Got it?

Awesome. Now for the good stuff.

Short Term Goals
Target Daily Income Goal: $100
Actual Daily Income Goal: $58

Boo to this. I didn’t have much by the way of writing gigs last week, but that should be changing this week. I definitely need to get more consistency here though.

Daily Income Generated by a Traditional Job: $56
Daily Income Generated by Freelance Work: $2
Daily Income Generated by Personal Projects: $0

Admittedly, I was super focused on getting into the groove of releasing personal work regularly so you’ll see more success when I go over that. I need to get my game up in terms of generating more money outside of my part-time gig.

This Week’s Daily Income Goal: $63.8

It’s ambitious, but I’m shooting for 10% growth on this number week over week. This should take me six weeks to reach my short term goal of earning $100 per day. Once I’m able to make that much, I can start focus primarily on phasing out my part-time job.

Personal Project Progress

  • I finally started posting everyday consistently. I also made most of my social media accounts public and have them connected to my blog. The result is more consistent traffic that is slowly increasing day by day.
  • Google+ is a better resource than I previously anticipated.

  • I posted on it this week, but the goal is to post there three times a week. I failed on this.
  • I also connected all of my social networks to this as a means of cross promoting to as many audiences as possible.

Dre’s Ramblings Podcast

  • I’m now consistently posting two episodes a week.
  • Traffic on my blog appears to come from different sources on the days when I post my podcast. This seems to suggest I have two slightly different audiences visiting my blog.


  • I’m the king of ADD so, despite my better judgment, I’m writing two books at once
    • Zen Hacked (working title) – This is a tie-in to and is what I really want to share with the world. I only wrote about three pages last week.
    • Untitled Fictional Novel – As a way to embrace creative writing, I have a novel I’m writing that is very heavy on character development. I wrote three pages for this as well.


  • I posted a new video for one of my songs on YouTube. For some reason it has the poorest performance of all my music videos. I’m going to look into promoting it further this week.
  • I failed to also post the song on Soundcloud and Bandcamp so I’ll do that this week.


  • I was supposed to start my vlog. That totally didn’t happen. Shame on me.
  • I’m slowly working toward a goal of mine to establish a collective of talented creatives who continuously collaborate and share ideas. Luckily, this is happening simply because I collaborate often and enjoy introducing people I know to each other.

This Week’s Personal Project Goals

  • Begin making use of Instagram and Vine. I have an idea for a photography project that I’m going to push on Instagram (I’ll share more next week) so I may as well get used to posting there regularly.
  • Complete at least 10 pages for each book. My goal is to get at least one of these publish for Kindle before the year is up. Time to hustle.
  • Figure out how to post more regularly on YouTube. Because my YouTube videos are usually focused on my music, it’s tough to post often without burning people out on my music. As such, my audience has decreased greatly over the years. My goal is three videos per week
  • Create three posts. No excuses this time.
  • Increase average daily viewership of by 2%. Continual growth is going to be key so I need to focus on new ways of promoting my main blog. In all honesty, I’ve never been a guy to focus on numbers like this, but I’m chasing a dream here, folks.
  • Drive more people to subscribe to my podcast on iTunes. Self-explanatory.

Whew! That was a lot of stuff, but I want to be thorough. If you’re playing along at home, you should do the same. As a typical “artist,” I suck at focusing long enough to complete many projects because the next shiny idea always catches my attention.



It’s time to finally catch this dream.

As a final note, at the end of every Sunday wrap up, I’m going to include some links to interesting articles/resources for those who are like-minded. Additionally, I’m going to link out to the work of other creatives I know and admire. Far too often we get caught up in promoting our own endeavors. I like to point out other talent and support as much as I can. Give it a shot too!

Thanks for reading/following/subscribing. I really mean it. Hopefully, at the very least, I’ve been able to give a little positivity to this world.

Peace out, party people.

Awesome Articles and Resources
Jobs For Nomads
Tim Ferris’ Definitive Guide to Releasing a Bestselling Book
Passive Income Business Model
Create a Game Without Coding (Looked into this for a potential app idea)
How to Get More Traffic and Traction by Promoting Your Content Like a Boss

Photographer of the Week
Fallon Chan (Digitally Delectable)

Writer of the Week
Erik Conover

Music Artist/Song of the Week
Loss – What Was It About?



  1. Hey Andre, I think what you’re doing is awesome! Putting in so much effort to get yourself out there, to start earning a self sustainable income.

    I like how you mentioned about living a nomadic lifestyle. Maybe you can write a blog post about that. 🙂

    It is great that you are trying to be everywhere. However, I feel that you should slow down and focus on one thing at a time. Being all over the shop can be distracting and unproductive sometimes.

    Nevertheless, I wish you good luck on your journeys towards your goal!


    1. Hey Alphonso,

      Thanks for the encouraging words! I know this seems like a lot, but I do it this way because I tend to lose interest in any one thing. Luckily, I’m also collaborating with good people to achieve some of my goals so it helps get stuff done. Also, I’ll definitely be posing about how I’m moving toward a nomadic lifestyle in the near future. Thanks again! Always great to share ideas!

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