Tracking My Progress: Week 2 – Continued Growth and Poor Time Management


Happy Sunday! Week 2 has been pretty decent, but I need to do better. I have an extremely bad habit of procrastinating like there’s no tomorrow before finally settling into work. This leads to unnecessarily long nights and less productivity.

Screw that.

Time to train myself to do work earlier in the day, I suppose.

Improvements to Make

  • I have a lot of projects I’m juggling. I’ve gotten some friendly advice from fellow blogger, Alphonso Giam ( to slow down and focus on fewer projects. I definitely don’t advise anyone take on the amount of projects on which I’m working. The problem is I can lose interest in something very quickly so having a number of active projects actually keeps me focused. I just need to be meticulous in the way that I manage my work time while catering to my ADD. Here’s the system I’m trying this week.
    • Sundays are dedicated to prepping blog posts and podcasts (nothing different here).
    • I’m most inspired either when I first wake up or late at night. Therefore I will be writing for my Zen Hacked book for 90 minutes each day right after I wake up. If I’m not inspired to write for Zen Hacked, I’ll write for my untitled fiction book. If neither of those can hold my attention, I’ll write a spoken word piece (maybe I’ll compile those into a book too). [6am-7:30am]
    • After writing, I will spend two hours working on daily to-do’s (unless I get a full-time job). [8am-10am]
    • I need to spend two hours a day searching for freelance gigs [10am-12pm]
    • I’m involving a collaborator for each of my projects in order to relieve my amount of solo work.
    • Going forward, evenings are reserved for paid writing work.

I came up a little short on my daily income goal for this week, but that was my own fault. I slacked off a couple days more than I should have. I won’t be making that mistake again.

Income Results

  • Target Daily Income Goal: $100
  • Week 1 Daily Income: $58
  • Week 2 Daily Income: $60
  • Week 2 Daily Income Goal: $63.8
  • Week 3 Daily Income Goal: $67

My non-income projects have been doing decently. I’ve had the steadiest week of blog traffic since I’ve started and I saw growth in both visitors and views. Thanks so much because I couldn’t do it without you!


Project Highlights

  • Like I said before, this week has been better in terms of traffic. The number of weekly visitors increased 44.3%. That’s pretty awesome, but not mind-blowing when you consider I’m relatively small. Still, it’s a victory and it highlights how a few tweaks can help traffic.
  • Ouch. I totally made no progress here. This is purely because of bad time management last Sunday. This won’t be an issue this week.
  • #PatersonBeautiful: This is my last new project I’m taking on and it’s purely a way for me to express a bit of creativity while showing a different side of the tow in which I was raised for much of my life. It also gets me using Instagram.
  • Dre’s Ramblings Podcast: Still going strong. I started adding an iTunes link to each of my posts. I’ll let you know how it goes!
  • Books: Progress sucked. Hence the schedule modification.

Final Thoughts

Week 2 was decent, but not where I want to be. This is going to take some discipline to maximize my efforts without feeling as if I’m burning myself out. Sundays are the biggest factor.

I have a job interview on Wednesday. If I pull this job, my strategy will be forced to change and I’ll have to scale back on the amount I’m doing. It’s not my ideal scenario, but I can make the most out of it.

Lemons into lemonade and all that jazz.

I hope someone benefits from what I’m putting together here. This post wasn’t full of a ton of tips, but I have some useful links for anyone looking to try anything I’m doing. I do, however, have one tip for bloggers: support each other. I’ve met some super friendly people in the short time I’ve been doing this and everyone has advice and experience to share. If we work together, everyone wins to some extent.

But that might just be the hippie in me speaking.

Let me know what you think! I’m always up for a discussion so drop a comment! Good luck!

Peace out, party people.

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