My Journey Toward Financial Freedom – Removing Attachments

ball and chain

Good day, (hopefully) faithful readers! I know some of you are totally onboard with the idea of achieving financial freedom, but this can be so much more than just making money. I’ve seen a ton of sites where people are trying to sell this dream of becoming a self-made millionaire and making trash bags full of money. Blah, blah, blah…

Don’t believe the hype.

No offense.

I don’t know about you, but my reason for wanting financial freedom has zero to do with being rich. I kid you not. I just want to enjoy life. And for me, enjoying life isn’t what I own; it’s more about what I do and experience (and with whom).

So I came to the conclusion that financial freedom can also entail what I’m willing to give up, or in some cases, replace.

  1. Growing My Own Food – I already know I want to adopt a (mostly) vegan lifestyle. Seems to me, it makes sense to grow vegetables and herbs rather than spend money at a grocery store. When I was a kid, my dad had a little garden and it definitely didn’t seem too difficult to maintain.LONG-TERM GOAL: Link up with people I trust who are willing to split a plot of land to grow food. Yup, I’m doing research on this.
  2. Cable – I haven’t had cable since 2005 and I don’t plan on changing that. Besides, I want to see the world firsthand, not through a television screen.
  3. Elimination of Stuff – What is stuff? Why do we have so much of this stuff? I have stuff I don’t use. I don’t even remember all of the stuff I actually own. So why do I need more stuff? I don’t.LONG-TERM GOAL: Is it possible to also share larger purchases with others? Unfortunately, I don’t have any good examples. Actually, maybe this next one is apt…
  4. Invest in a 3D Printer – I honestly believe 3D printing is the (very near) future. All I’d have to do is buy material and get my hands on the appropriate 3D model and I can just print objects that I need/want. This is a long-term goal depending on the printer I have in mind.
  5. Holiday Spending – I’m done with pointless holiday spending. You already know I care about you; you don’t need a gift as confirmation. Feel free to not get me anything either. I promise I’m okay with that.
  6. Cell Phone – Do I really need a plan? I don’t talk or text much. I may as well go prepaid.
  7. Car – I want to live in an area where I don’t need a car. I have zero issues with public transportation. I don’t need to pay for gas or insurance. It’s also better for the environment. +1 Karma.
  8. Make Outings Less About Eating or Drinking – Don’t get me wrong; I love going out to eat. I don’t drink much nowadays, but grabbing a few brews with friends is awesome. Problem is, these are the types of activities in which my friends often engage. There’s no reason for me to follow suit. Not all the time, at least.

So these are my current options. Do you have any ideas? Let me know! I plan on exploring each one of these in-depth to show the best available options.

This life is full of meaningless traps and many of them do nothing more than distract us from actually living. On top of that, how much do you really want to rely on/support corporations? I talk a big game, but what am I doing to not be a part of the system I’m so desperately trying to escape? Not much.

Until now.

Peace out, party people.


    1. Thanks! I’m all about removing myself from the normal trappings of life. There’s too much to see and experience out there!

      I’m been reading your blog too. Eerie how much it echoes my own thoughts. Don’t stop, man. Keep reaching for those dreams. It gets tough, but this life is filled with little puzzles waiting to be solved.

      1. You’re welcome and man, that’s some solid advice. Agreed in many ways are thoughts are alike, that’s pretty clear. Life is all about the journey and the day we stop chasing these dreams is the day we stop living life… God bless Andre.

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