Spoken Word Piece: Anatomy of Possibility


The animal that’s not an animal because it knows that it thinks
It thinks
It thinks it’s the thought; perhaps that was the first flaw
It believed what it saw
Denied it was god, but it still played the part
The animal is strong, yet weak, paper thin tissue on the surface
Its purpose is pointless against a bigger, hungrier animal
But its strength is in its thoughts; it thought thoughts were more than it could handle
But which came first? It or the thought of it?
Does the thought reside in the being? Perhaps it’s the opposite.
It sees itself in its thoughts after all, through the summers and fall leaves
Christmas tree seasons and spring allergy sneezing
It never stops thinking of what it was and what it could be
But could it be, this being is what it thought it couldn’t be?
No, it couldn’t be. Because it still only clings to what it sees
A picture in its mind. Just another thought, but this thought has no end
But this being perceives as if it sees instead of thinks what it sees
And yet it sees itself. It knows it, because it sees it.
Repeats it until it believes it is not an animal
It is more than that, clenched fists and mandibles
Salivating hatred and love, agony pleads for pleasure
Empathy tempting greed, jealousy
Its thoughts are madness
Constant contradictions lurk despite what it presents
It pretends to be what it thinks others want it to be
Repeats it until it believes
But could it be this being is everything it thought it couldn’t be?
Possibly it’s not what it sees; the being is merely what it believes to be
It is a murderer, a giver of life, the hero and antagonist
Same story, different roles, it’s the pious and the blasphemous
Shame and pride and anything it can describe
It can be anything, because everything is perceived inside its mind
And yet it believes it is only, or simply, or just another
It believes it is a part of everything, but everything plus a single number
Is still everything
And everything means it can be anything, this being is possibility
But possibility became ruined the day it changed its name
Its name is the human

Peace out, party people.

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