Droppin’ Knowledge – 9 Lies We as People Believe


I truly feel there are lies we as human beings believe. Some are innocent white lies while others define the world in which we live. Thing is, when these lies get challenged, some people defend them.


So I’m here to drop some knowledge. This post WILL challenge at least some of your beliefs, but if you’re open enough, you may find some truth. If not, at least I gave it a try, right?

  1. Words mean something – Words mean nothing; sorry to break it to you. They’re just vibrations in the air or scribbles on a page. We gave them meaning. The problem is, an individual can define a word differently than another person and they’ll both think the other is wrong. Don’t believe me? Define good. What does it mean? Is your definition of good the same as mine? Who’s right? Can you see how quickly this causes issues?
  2. Race exists – The concept of race is fucking stupid. It doesn’t matter if you speak about it in a positive or negative way; we’re all the same creatures. Now, obviously I can see some humans have similar physical traits, but what does that mean? Why aren’t people with blue eyes a race? Why aren’t brunettes a race? We’ve been stuck on this shit for so long when it means NOTHING. It’s just another silly thing that keeps us separate.
  3. Money is worthless – What is money worth? Can you really define that? In the US, it was once backed by gold. Today? Uhhhh…. It’s backed by faith? And yet we fight for it. Some kill for it. Others sit on a big pile of it. But what does any of it mean? Why are we continuing this lie when it hurts so many? Anything good in this world that is brought by money can be achieved without it. If you can give me a real example of something positive for humanity that is ONLY achieved with money, I’ll eat Pharrell’s stupid Mountie hat
  4. Power can be taken – What the hell does it even mean to have power? I don’t think anyone can have power over me ever again. Why? Because it’s an imaginary thing. People who lack “power” concede they believe said power is real. If someone tried to force me to do something I don’t want to do, you better be prepared to kill me. NO ONE has power over me. And yes, I’m willing to die by that statement.
  5. Any religion is correct – Ugh, can we all agree that no one actually knows shit about human existence and what happens after we die? Even you scientists and atheists out there. We can only take our best guess based on the information we have, but people don’t even have in-depth knowledge of the world in which we live. Why would we fight so hard for something with so little knowledge? A bit too much hubris for my taste.
  6. Some things are unforgivable – Forgiveness is easy. Seriously. All you need to do is let go. The other day on YouTube, some commenter called me a nigger. Clever, right? Anyway, I had a real conversation with this guy about his use of the word and how the concept of race is a lie we’ve been taught for generations. It took a while, but I’m cool with this guy now. We even share ideas from time to time. Yet, in some cases, people can’t even forgive things they didn’t experience directly.
  7. You are separate from everything else – Now this is a tougher sell, but hear me out. We’re all comprised of matter. We all have molecules. There may be smaller structures of which we’re not aware. So where does one thing begin and another end? Our minds help us navigate the world by creating a false sense of separation, but really, we’re all swimming in the same stuff. If you look at life this way, it’s a lot harder to willingly cause a negative impact on someone or something.
  8. Being done with life is bad – This is another controversial one so I’ll explain it from my own experience. Earlier this year, I achieved everything I wanted in life. All I wanted was to know peace. I found it through a combination of meditation and other mehods, and holy shit, it’s indescribable. So much so that I felt as if there was nothing else I wanted in this world. I spent hours meditating, being at one with… everything. I didn’t feel like I needed anything else. I was more than okay with dying. And then I met my soul mate and I found a reason to keep playing the game. But before that, I didn’t care whether or not I lived or died. And it’s not in a bad way. I just achieved everything I wanted and didn’t see a logical reason to continue. Life isn’t about the goal. Life is about the journey to the goal.
  9. Death is sad – Someone dying is always a loss, but why is that sad? I’m not saying one shouldn’t be sad, but death by itself isn’t a sad thing; that’s just the way our culture presents it. We could just as easily see it as a rite of passage. Even if that isn’t the truth, I’d take that lie over the one that currently exists.

Peace out, party people.

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