Tracking My Progress: Week 3 – Making Moves!

Happy Sunday! Week 3 has had a lot of ups and one or two downs. I took a big risk and declined a well-paying job because I knew it would eat all my time.

Also, I’ve been actively trying to avoid the trap of a traditional full-time job. Remember, being rich isn’t my goal. HAPPINESS is the goal. Hopefully the same goes for you.


  • Scheduling my work has helped somewhat, but I need to start sleeping at somewhat regular hours in order for it to stick. I’m thinking about adopting more naps to see if that’ll help rather than a regular sleep session.
  • Freelance writing work has been good, but I need to keep it up this week because one of my steady gigs doesn’t have anything for me yet.
  • I have an option to convert to full-time at my part-time job next month. If that happens, any money I make from freelance writing can go into savings and building side businesses so I can eventually quit the full-time gig.

Income Results

  • Target Daily Income Goal: $100
  • Week 2 Daily Income: $60
  • Week 3 Daily Income: $68
  • Week 3 Daily Income Goal: $67
  • Week 4 Daily Income Goal: $100

Here’s the thing, I made it a dollar over my daily goal without working on Monday (Labor Day) or Tuesday (job interview). Not too shabby I’d say.So screw it; I’m going to throw caution to the wind and see if I can indeed average $100 a day this week. Realistically, I think I can average $150 per day if I really hustle, but again, this isn’t about me being rich. I just want to make my bills an after thought so I can pursue my dreams.

  • Part-time job: $47 per day minimum (sometimes I do more hours)
  • Freelance writing: $53 per day minimum

Okay, this is totally doable. Last week I actually focused on trying to make $100 a day from some of my writing jobs because that’ll allow me to work hard some days and be a lazy bum on others. Either way, I’m pretty confident about achieving this. Once I do I’m going to raise my goal so I can focus on saving and building a side business.

Bam. A little persistence and the right circumstances go a long way.

Business Building

I had a different goal for building a business when I was younger. I wanted to come up with something that would get me that Bill Gates money so I can do my Dame Dash dance on a boat with Jay-Z.


God, I was stupid in my 20’s.

Nowadays, I look at business as a way to cover my expenses which are not much. I would have no problem providing something of quality for an affordable price. If I ever grew a business to the point where I’d need employees, why would I need to make more than my expenses and the little amount I’d want to save? That money should go to the people actually doing the work.

Wait, you mean capitalism can be implemented in a fair way?

I’m working on a business idea (a product, not a service) with one of my buddies. I’ll share it when the time is right, but hopefully it will be something that also spreads a positive message.

Final Thoughts

Week 3 was a confidence booster, but I can’t get complacent. There will always be obstacles that get in my way; I can’t let myself be one of them.

Now is the time to start learning how to use my money efficiently. I’ve said time and time again that I am as anti-capitalist as it gets, but I have to play the game. For now at least. So it’s time to learn about using my money to build a business.

Peace out, party people.

Awesome Articles and Resources
This Guy Makes $100 a Day Using iWriter (A little cheap for my blood, but I’ going to use it as a backup option) 
TripleCurve (Where I make most of my content mill writing money. If you’re good they’ll put you on a number of projects)
Selling on Instagram


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