My Journey Toward Financial Freedom – Planning Stage


Ohhhhh man, I’m pretty excited. My girlfriend is moving in with me in three weeks. All the way from Sweden no less. This means I have to get my act together and start making some real moves.

So here’s what I’m looking into this week:

  1. Cancelling my car insurance
  2. Selling my car
  3. Cashing in shares I have with my old employer

With those out of the way, my current major expenses will be down to the following:

  1. Rent – $1200
  2. School Loans – $1100
  3. Electricity/Gas – $150 (over-estimation)
  4. Internet – $75

So with this, you see how earning $100 a day (my current goal) is enough to cover my bills.

If not, you suck at math.

But why the hell am I paying so much for rent when I could start on my nomadic lifestyle now? Well, I have a few things I need procure first:

  1. New Laptop – Can’t work remotely without it.
  2. PO Box – If I’m going to be taking on the life of a nomad, I need a place to send my mail.
  3. Storage – I might be able to get away with storing some of my stuff at my parents’ place. If not, I’m just going to invest in storage.
  4. Home Base – This would be a place, most likely in the US, that I plan to keep rented while I’m out and about in the world. Colorado and Arizona seem like affordable options.
  5. Updated Passport – Duh.

All of this is great, but $100 a day isn’t going to cut it. The laptop is priority because I won’t be able to work on-the-go otherwise. The passport is obviously the next priority. Everything else is optional.

That said, this is just my goal. Life has a funny way of guiding one’s journey despite their ambitions so I’m not going to fight whatever comes my way. If I stay in the US longer than intended, so be it.

I’m still going to do it on my terms.

Final Thought: My friend Fallon had an idea about taking a tour of the US by train. How awesome of an idea is that? I may just steal it.

Peace out, party people.

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