Positive Energy > Retweets

I’m a big believer in the idea of positive energy and energy in general. It’s how I met my girlfriend and it’s how I maintain great relationships with people I know personally. It’s one of those things you can’t force; you just have to be it.

Word to Master Splinter.

But then last night – this morning, to be correct, as I was up at 4am – I was looking at my Twitter account and saw how much negative energy there was on my timeline.

Moderately famous people looking for retweets by belittling fans.

Snarky quips on recent domestic violence stories.

Constant jokes about people’s appearances.


I’m no softie. Those close to me know there isn’t much in this world that upsets or offends me. Still, I don’t put up with that negative crap in my personal life. So why should I infest my social media life?

All for the possibility of getting a few more likes/favorites/+1’s?



I started exterminating mofos like Daleks on Doctor Who.

Nerd joke.

I’ve been on a mission to grow my blog and my identity as a writer, but I forgot one thing along the way: I won’t sacrifice who I am to make that happen. Sure, it seems minor, but maintaining positivity in all aspects of my life is a part of that.

I’ll give anyone a chance, but if I see too much of that negative energy after a while, I’m going to be forced to remove you from my online circle.

Word to Uncle Phil (RIP).

With that said, it’s a beautiful day out so I think I’ll go on a walk after spending a night writing mindless “Top Ten” blog posts for a freelance gig. If you get the chance, do the same!

Not the part about being up all night. Save that for crazy people and gremlins.

Peace out, party people.

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