I’m a Failure

photo (6)

I’m a failure.

It’s true. I’ve had failed business ideas. I’ve failed at being a vegan (several times).


Damn you, bacon.

Hell, I can barely play baseball. Mostly because I swing at just about everything.

But sometimes I fail at failing too. Many of us just call that success.

Tomato, to-mah-toe.

Many great minds have spoken about the necessity of failure and I don’t disagree. I care less about success and more about trying. Trying at least means you’re doing something.

So I’m going to challenge you to something today: draw a picture of a cat. Do it even if you suck at drawing. You may fail at drawing a cat well, but hey, you gave it a shot.

At least the internet will have one more cat picture to add to its vast collection.

Peace out, party people.

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