Be a Tree: Achieving Progress Through Balance


I had a pretty amazing experience this weekend. I recorded a podcast with recent friend, POTUS, and we shared some great thoughts. We were actually supposed to record a second half of the podcast and we never got to it because, funny enough, we became caught up in conversation.

ADD at its finest.

We talked about all the craziness of our society and the ways we hinder progress. During the conversation, I had a realization that connects to the way I view reality and our existence.

Belief is a crazy concept. For example, is something true because it’s true or is it true because you believe it’s true?

Chew on that if you want, but it’s not important right now. Here’s what is:

You can’t force belief. The person doing the believing needs to believe. Sounds obvious right?

Yet many times, we as people have problems because we’re busy trying to prove our beliefs. I’m right and you’re wrong and vice versa. But you can’t force belief much in the same way you can’t force happiness.

For a while I was getting frustrated at my Facebook friends because I would post what I thought were relevant issues, but they didn’t get anywhere near as much attention as, say, a funny video or baby picture. I’ve been growing my hair just so I could pull it out.

As we talked about this, I realized I need to be like a tree.

Before you call me crazy, I’ll explain.

A tree doesn’t try to consume anything. It consumes what comes to it and grows accordingly. A tree also doesn’t force us to breathe the oxygen it produces. It doesn’t need to convince anyone; it’s just doing what it is compelled to do.

So I’m going to be a tree.

I’m just going to do what I do and grow based on who responds. If I can produce something important like oxygen, someone will always be there to take it in.

That’s what I’m doing with the things in which I believe. Instead of trying to convince people of my beliefs, I just need to do something and those who believe in it will join in the fun. Right?

Now you can call me crazy.

Peace out, party people.

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