Tracking My Progress: Week 4 – Side Projects

Holy crap today is cold compared to this time last week. Anyway, happy Sunday! Let’s get right to it shall we?

I totally didn’t make $100 per day as I intended (I made $70).

Womp, womp.

I’m starting to realize why this is: I simply have more passion for my side projects and, therefore, spend more time on them.

PRO TIP: As a person, you should always be aware of your tendencies in situations rather than just feeding into them. I’ve realized more tendencies about myself in the last five months than I ever have before. I just try to separate who I am from the tendency and figure out how to use it as an advantage rather than a hindrance. EVERYTHING has a positive side.

So this week I’m going to focus on side projects. We already know my daily goal (which I plan on increasing to $200 per day once I achieve it) so let’s explore some projects that may potentially be money earners.

PRO TIP: Collaborate. I have a lot of ideas, but I can only do so much on my own. Collaboration is key for execution and refinement of ideas.

Self-Publishing – Without a doubt, this makes the most sense in terms of earning money because I do it all the time anyway. If you’re a writer, take the time to just publish something for Amazon Kindle, even if it’s just as a test. Familiarize yourself with the process. I did no research and was able to publish a test book in a day. If you want to increase the likelihood of people finding your book, ditch the creative title for one that let’s potential readers know what your book is all about. In other words, SEO is key.

PRO TIP: Romance and sex novels are some of the most successful on Kindle. Some authors have based an entire career on this. It’s not my forte so feel free to run with that information. This method also motivates me to write more often because I know there is a secondary purpose.

PRO-TIP: There are certain blog posts that will make it into books I’m writing. I’m talking to all you bloggers out there: DO THIS! It’s easy because you’re kind of already doing it.

T-Shirts – A buddy of mine and I are working on producing a line of t-shirts to sell on the internet. I’m not quite going to reveal what they’re all about because I think the idea is brilliant, but as far as products go, this is one that doesn’t require too much knowledge and overhead to get started. The biggest components are the designs and the shirt supply.

PRO TIP: I only take on projects that play to my strengths and embody the things in which I am passionate. You can sell products two ways: as a means of simply making money or as a means of sharing who you are. I choose the latter because it reinforces my passion and helps me see an idea through to the end.

Hosted Service Reseller – The company for which I work part-time provides hosted Exchange services. This also includes email protection, archiving, voice services, SharePoint, and more. I’m not trying to advertise them at all, but as someone who comes from an IT background, I find it crazy that I’m not doing what most of our clients are doing.

A number of our clients provide IT support to a couple small businesses and also resell these hosted services. This is all super doable. Finding clients is the hardest part.

Alright, wish me luck.

Or don’t. Either way motivates me, to be honest.

But I wish you all luck regardless of your path. Just make the most out of the present and be the best version of you possible. Could it really be so simple?

It is.

Peace out, party people.

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