Spoken Word Piece: You Are Where


Where are you? Yes, you
Who else could I be talking to? Where are you?
I see two eyes, glimmer under streaks of sunlight
Might I have a look too? Do you really need that sight?
So where are you? You’re here, of course
You are here, it sounds familiar. Can I borrow your ears?
To confirm my suspicions that you don’t need to listen to here
Where are you? Stop hiding though you say here smells familiar
Quite an ordeal, at least you can taste and feel
Can I have all of those as well?
I applaud your confidence in here. But where is here?
Where are you? Are you anywhere?
Your mind is now cut off from the physical world
No senses, but your brain is more than senseless
You can still think, but what are your thoughts
Without a reference? Raw, uncut, unfocused, but still pure thought
No limitations by what it feels and sees
It’s free to think it’s anywhere and anything it wants to be
The thought runs wild unrestricted by what it knows
It imagines possibility, imagines no limit to its growth
It only knows itself, the thought runs wild
Creating stories and dreams and fantasies
Like that of a child, but the thought knows no me
So where is the thought? Unbound by the physical
Who is the thought? Was it ever really lost?
It is where it is, so are you the thought or the being?
If the thought is just a thing or a feeling
Then where is it? In the brain? Is it too insane
To think thoughts, like matter are neither destroyed or created
So a brain is there to connect thought to the physical
Some call it the truth, others say it’s a miracle
As the thought creates, unfazed by man’s laws
It stands tall because all along the thought was god
Where are you?

Peace out, party people.

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