Friday Procrastination Links


Happy Friday! I’ve been lazy as hell this week, but it’s mostly been because life is about to make a shift for me. Though life is always shifting, isn’t it? Here’s something to BS the rest of your Friday. Sit back and relax. You deserve it!

Dropping Knowledge Video of the Week : Sam Harris – The Self Is an Illusion

Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank

Music of the Week

Random Links
xkcd: What if One Person Had All the World’s Money?
IFLScience: Are Chimps Natural Born Killers? (A lot of parallels to human society I notice)

Awesome WordPress Posts
The $10 Start Up: What Is Luxury?
Harsh Reality: WordPress – The Truth About SEO
M. B. Watson: A Tragedy in Song – “Hot Nigga” by Bobby Shmurda

New WordPress Follower Shout Outs!
Past Life Tourist
The Aspirational Agnostic
Big Red Carpet Nursing
Ryan Lanz
Harsh Reality

Fortune Cookie: Belief is one of the most powerful things known to humankind. Something so powerful should be questioned from time to time.

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