5 Ways I Maintain Balance in a World Determined to Throw Me off It


If you read my blog, you know that I am a big proponent of the concept of achieving balance and peace in one’s self. The path I took to get there was… unconventional. At least for your average person.

But how I got there is of little consequence. The fact is, I got there.

Yay, me!

But maintaining this isn’t always easy given the life I currently have. It’s tough for many of us.  I’m working toward a life that is much more conducive to my daily balance, but I’m sure as hell not there yet. So here are a few ways I maintain my sense of inner peace in a chaotic world.

  1. Mini Meditation Sessions – I’m not one of those guys who thinks people need to meditate a certain amount of time every day. Why? I think it depends more on the individual and their daily circumstances. Personally, I just need 5-15 minutes every few days of focused meditation. I generally sit or lay while letting my mind run free. I just don’t acknowledge any thoughts. Like a kid throwing a temper tantrum, it relaxes and I feel that sense of connection.
  2. A Greener Diet – In my 33 years on this planet, I’ve realized old adages stick around for a reason.

    Like ‘Stupid is as stupid does.’

    Or ‘Cowabunga.’

    Really, the saying I have in mind is ‘You are what you eat.’ I kid you not, I’ve noticed a difference in my sense of balance when I eat meat and crap carbs than when I eat more plant-based, natural foods. I’m not saying I’ll never eat that stuff. Bacon is effing delicious, after all. But when there’s too much of that, I feel… off. Thankfully my girl is moving in so I’ll have her to help keep me honest. Because seriously, bacon is effing delicious.

    So are Combos.

  3. Meditative Walks – I love walks. I actually don’t think much during them, but I often find I come back with something insightful. I make a walk meditative by feeling each step as my foot strikes the ground.

    Also, as insane as this sounds, I use my glasses as a way of imagining I’m viewing the world through a screen. This is something I took away from my meditative experiences and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to explain it properly. But I will say this, it helps me separate from myself. I don’t think of myself as an individual; instead I just include myself and everything around me as a singular experience.

  4. Workout – If you’ve stuck with me thus far, you’re a brave one. Reward yourself with a workout. Nah, not like a round at the gym or anything. I just do things throughout the day. My shoulder sucks right now so I’ll do light sprints, jumping jacks, situps, curls, etc. I’m by no means an Adonis, but if I ALWAYS embrace sloth, my balance is thrown off.
  5. Verbalizing Thoughts – I talk to myself.

    A lot.

    I don’t even do it consciously. I do, however, notice that this keeps my mental chatter to a minimum. Before I found balance, my inner monologue didn’t know when to shut up. It was so bad I had to go to sleep with the television on EVERY NIGHT. Seriously. So I talk in the moment instead. Give it a shot sometimes. It’ll only feel silly if you pay attention to yourself. Half the time I’m not aware I’m doing it.

These things sound so simple, but you’d be surprised how effective they are if they become a part of who you are. Sure, there’s different strokes for different folks, but give it a shot. You never know how much of a difference it’ll make unless you try.

Peace out, party people.

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