Google Punched My Blog in the Stomach: Reacting to a Drop in Traffic

Just the other day I was bragging to my friends about how my blog hit an all-time high in daily traffic. I’m by no means big, but getting 60-70 views per day was downright phenomenal in my world. My goal would be to average 100 views per day by the end of the year!

And then it happened. My traffic dropped.


Okay, okay. It’s just one day, right? No biggie.

Another day and it was slightly lower.

The same thing happened with my vlog where the second post got less than half the views of my first.

Abandon ship! Abandon ship!

Or… not.

I have to admit, it was a huge blow to my ego, but I also realized I didn’t start this for the glory of views. I started this because it’s my passion. That said, I still want to be able to grow my voice because I feel I have something impactful to eventually share with the world (hopefully). I can’t stop because of a bump in the road.

Ah, the universe is always teaching me lessons.

So I have a problem. How do I fix it? I dug a bit deeper and found out I was no longer getting any Google referrals. That sucks; Google is where I get most of my traffic. Mostly because social media hates me.

I’m looking at you Facebook.

I haven’t taken any measures to correct this as of this posting, but I want to share some sites that have given me some great ideas in terms of what to fix. If you’re going through the same, give them a shot!

Analytics Ninja: Where Did My Traffic Go?
Social Media Today: 8 Things to Do if Your Organic Traffic Drops Suddenly
The WordStream Blog: 5 Quick Tips to Increase Referral Traffic
Orbital Media Studios: Google Analytics: 21 Inaccurate Traffic Sources, Setup Mistakes …and Fixes

Peace out, party people.

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