100 Days/100 Ideas: #1 – eLance Meets eHarmony


I love ideas. I may have even said as much at one point on this blog. I love ideas so much, I had an idea for a site where people just share ideas. I told my buddy Pat about it and he didn’t seem like a believer. Mainly because he felt ideas are no good without execution.

I agree to a certain extent, but my problem is I don’t always have the knowledge, time, resources, or motivation to execute every idea I have. I have more than enough on my plate. But I do have ideas that I think would be cool if someone executed them.

It was this thinking that led me to taking on the challenge of posting an idea a day (excluding weekends) for the next 100 days. Here we go!

Idea: eLance meets eHarmony

Synopsis: I know a lot of people who do freelance work, but the client/freelancer relationship can be a tricky one. I think this relationship should be treated more as dating. People create a profile and list the traits their looking for in a client or freelancer. Skills and credentials are also on display. I think it may even be interesting to show when two parties are in a “serious relationship.” That way, freelancers who have many serious relationships are seen as more desirable.

Polygamists might find this handy as well.

I kid.

Other Thoughts: While I think this could be good as a mobile app, I sort of feel that starting with a traditional website is the way to go. That’s just my personal opinion though. The typical things that stop me from moving forward with an idea like this is the cost to build. However, with the availability of online freelance work growing, I think this might be an awesome way to build healthy working partnerships.

Or maybe not. It’s just an idea.

Peace out, party people.

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