Artist of the Week: Asher Roth

Asher Roth

So I want to start profiling talented people of which I’m a fan. I’m starting this with my “Artist of the Week” series.

Asher Roth made his entrance into the hip hop scene with his hit, “I Love College.” The ode to frat parties and college chicks was a success, but in some ways it pigeonholed this incredibly talented artist.

After the release of his first album, Asleep in the Bread AisleRoth released a few mixtapes and EPs before debuting his second studio album, RetroHash. This album sees a much more mature Roth adventure into new territory over the production of Blended Babies. I’m not here to write a full review; just check it out for yourself! Below are three videos that sum up Asher Roth’s recent journey. They represent escape, ego death, and transformation respectively.

Peace out, party people.

Asher Roth feat. ZZ Ward “Parties at the Disco”

Asher Roth feat. Major Myjah “Last of the Flohicans”

Asher Roth “Pull It”

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