100 Days/100 Ideas: #2 – Indie Musicians Promoting to Music Lovers (Vine Meets iTunes)


Idea: Vine meets iTunes (Kind of)

Synopsis: I make my own music. As an indie artist I always found it difficult to promote my music effectively.

I LOVE listening to music. Unfortunately, even with the vast amount of resources on the internet, I find it difficult to discover new artists proactively. There’s a lot of crap to sift through, after all.

Hmmm, sounds like an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

I’m not saying I have this idea down to a science, but I think this can be remedied. I have a vision for a site/app that allows indie artists to post 10 or so songs (maybe more – who knows?). Users can sample songs similarly to iTunes (to be fair, other services do the same). However, this is all about discovery, so like Vine, users scroll through and the app autoplays as a new song is in focus. The thinking is, most people know within the first few seconds whether or not they like a song. This format may be ideal for indie artists who have no other means to get people to listen.

This is also a boon to music nerds who take pride in being the first to love an artist/song.

Other Thoughts: There are potential issues with this idea. How do people avoid getting buried under the noise? Would there be an underlying recommendation engine? What prevents people from uploading music they don’t own? I’m sure I (and you) can pick this idea apart, but it could be awesome if executed correctly.

Or not. It’s just an idea.

Or maybe not. It’s just an idea.

Peace out, party people.

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