100 Days/100 Ideas: #3 – The iVatar


Idea: Have and ever evolving avatar of yourself online

Synopsis: I was thinking about Xbox Live the other day and how it makes such little use of its avatars (digital representations of users). I think it would be an awesome idea to have a social network of avatars. Each avatar evolves (physically and through attribute points) based on your social media activity and internet interests. I was also inspired a bit by games like Gunbound and Diablo that put an emphasis on gear and loot that give powerups. Perhaps the gear for iVatars could represent favorite websites and memberships. Maybe they give special access to certain sites, apps or perks. Who knows? There are a lot of ways this could go.

Other Thoughts: I’m sure this isn’t an original idea. It seems too obvious. That said, it would be a HUGE undertaking and is, therefore, not an idea I’d like to execute. Still, I think it could add some life to how we use the internet.

Or maybe not. It’s just an idea.

Peace out, party people.

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