100 Days/100 Ideas: #4 – Layman’s TED Talks


Idea: TED-style presentations for and by the people.

Synopsis: I love TED.


No, not the movie.

Teddy Roosevelt


Uh… No.

TED Talks

There we go.

I had an idea not to long ago about starting a group through meetups.com. The purpose of this group would be for people to share ideas or projects on which they’re working. I believe one doesn’t have to be an industry expert to share ideas. You don’t need to be accomplished. You don’t need tons of accolades and awards. You just need a unique perspective. That said, I’d love to start a riff on TED Talks, but on a smaller scale. I’d make some minor differences.

  1. The end of the talk is open to questions from the audience. I like this idea because interaction can lead to new ideas.
  2. Live cast with Google Hangouts. I think this is a way to continue encouraging interaction as questions can be taken from there live as well.
  3. Speaker curation is performed by staff as well as public voting. Maybe submissions are done via YouTube, maybe not. But the interaction theme continues here with this one.

Other Thoughts: This isn’t much of a money making idea, so keeping this going may have to depend on donations in some way. Still, this is one of the first ideas I’m posting on here that I plan on pursuing myself. If someone else is already doing it or eventually does it, more power to you! I think it’s a noble pursuit.

Or maybe not. It’s just an idea.

Peace out, party people.

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