The Creative’s Dilemma: Love or Money


Why hello there. I have a problem. No, it’s not an addiction to Ninja Turtles or anything.

Not yet, anyway.

I just can’t seem to find the balance between doing something for the love and doing something for the money.

I think I may have talked about this as far back as my first blog post, but I have little desire to return to my corporate roots. Of course, we all do what we must to survive in this world, but I don’t need tons of money to live a good life. Especially when the pursuit of said money causes one to forget to actually live.

Been there, done that.

Now that I’m working on personal projects and trying and trying my hand at earning based on independent work/businesses, I find myself at this same intersection time after time. Some people may not even hesitate in their feelings of passion versus monetary gain, but I’m not one of them. As potentially pretentious as it may sound, I feel like a creative individual in a world where just doing what I love most is useless if I ain’t making that cash.

Hundred dolla bills, y’all.

If I had my choice, my blog would be what I do for a living. I love blogging; this isn’t just a money grab for me. Sure, there are certain posts I write just for the purposes of SEO and clicks…

Hundred dolla bills, y’all.

…but I love sharing information and ideas. I love getting the chance to refine and explore my passion for writing. I love this.

But it ain’t making that cash.

Not yet, anyway.

That’s why, of course, I’m growing it as much as I can. This is something I’m doing for the love and hoping it can become profitable over time. Fingers crossed, guys. This is my dream, after all.

Recently, my girlfriend (I talk about her a lot, don’t I?) and I were talking about our individual and collective plans for YouTube. I went on and on about what I want to do while simultaneously sulking over the mainstream’s probable lack of interest in my creative mind. Let’s just say I have a… er… unique POV.

So why bother doing YouTube videos at all, right? I’ll never be able to make money while sticking to my creative moral code.


My girlfriend then said something that should have been painfully obvious: sometimes you have to first decide if you’re doing something for money or not.

Mind = blown.

Of course. It makes total sense. I was stuck on pursuing creative endeavors with the hope of making them profitable. I guess I should also do a little rain dance and hope hundred dolla bills (y’all) fall from the sky.

So I re-prioritized my pursuits and am shooting for profitable first on most of them. My blog and some minuscule side projects are enough to satiate my purely creative appetite. I’m by no means a capitalist. In fact, I often blab about how ridiculous the concept of money is. But I also know that the game must be played to ensure my livelihood. At least in the short term.

Then I can help with rethinking the system.

Anyway, this piece of insight from my lady may seem obvious, but logic doesn’t always grace the mind of a creative. Certainly not when they’re focused on their various passions. But if the goal is to make money, make that decision from the outset. It will lead to far less dilemmas down the road.

Down the twisted road of dream chasing.

Peace out, party people.

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