100 Days/100 Ideas: #5 – Kinkos-Style 3D Printing Services


Idea: Kinkos-Style 3D Printing Services

Synopsis: Remember Kinko’s? Most of them are called FedEx Office now, but Kinko’s used to be huge in offering various office services. It was best known for copying and printing, a brilliant idea when personal printers were not as cost-effective on the consumer level as they are now.


Why can’t the same be done for 3D printing?

Other Thoughts: 3D printing could take a long time so a reservation method should be used as opposed to taking walk-ins. Also, the online site should offer a library of 3D images for commonly printed items. This way, any potential users can have information on the best materials to use and time needed for reservation. The library could even have user-created content so it encourages community participation. Creators could get a small royalty on each instance of a printed design. Share the wealth, right?

Or not. It’s just an idea.

Peace out, party people.

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