Peek’s Picks: Goodnik Pays with Time-Based Currency

Peek's Picks

Yesterday, I had a random call on Google Hangouts with my buddy Aric. Each time we meet, he introduces me to new websites, tools, ideas and businesses that I had no clue existed. They’re also usually pretty cool and thought-provoking. As such, I’m going to regularly post the gems I get from him to spread the awesomeness.

Maybe this will also get him into blogging (cue devious second motive).

Last night, Aric told me about Goodnik, an organization that’s essentially creating a services-based barter system. So here’s how it works: Let’s say you’re someone who can provide a service (web development, legal consulting, marketing, etc.). With Goodnik, you can use your services to complete work a non-profit or social impact organization. You are then paid in Goodnikels, a time-based currency. These can be used to then pay other service providers for tasks you need completed regardless if they are social impacting or not. If you have no use for your Goodnikels, donate them!

Read more about it and support this one!

About Goodnikels:
Twitter: @gdnik

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