100 Days/100 Ideas: #7 – Rotation Vocations

Photo Credit: Frank M. Rafik
Photo Credit: Frank M. Rafik

Idea: Rotational Vocations

Synopsis: I swear, I’ve never understood why we tell people they have to do only one thing in life. Why are some people janitors while others are IT support? Sure there are tons of factors, but let’s crack this nut and see how we can spread the wealth more evenly.

There are certain jobs that we as a society NEED.

We need farmers.

We need garbage men.

We need doctors.

Some of these jobs require specialized education. But what about vital jobs that require little training? Why aren’t we sharing the load to get this work done? Imagine if we had a rotation where one day a month you had to be a garbage man. But you knew taxes would be less of an issue and streets were kept immaculate. Why? Because we’re utilizing a community rather than employees.

Before you cry socialism, just think about this for a sec: this could apply to many jobs. People rotate and spread the load. This way, more people have opportunities to explore other careers. Combine that with free higher education and we have an interesting little society, no?

Other Thoughts: I actually have a lot of thoughts on how this system could work. The thing is, we’d have to revamp the way we look at employment and money. If we try to fit this into the system of capitalism we have now, you can poke holes in this idea all day. Maybe if we had the collective balls to rock the boat a little (me included), we could take a chance at an alternate path.

Or not. It’s just an idea.

Peace out, party people.

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