Daily Opinion: I Don’t Care about Football

Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon
Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon

Yup, I finally said it. After years of pretending, I’m finally brave enough to admit I don’t care about the NFL.

No, you may not have my man card.

Sure, I think football is a fun game – hell, I love playing football – but I’m not the fan every other American seems to be. Certainly not when it comes to watching on television. I’d go to a live game any day.

I like to look at Google Trends to see for what the world (or in this case, the US) is searching. You know what I found?

– Walking Dead
– Packers
– Green Bay Packers

Three out of five. And NASCAR… I mean… I can’t even pretend to care about that one.

Here’s to all the guys out there who don’t care about American football. Don’t be peer-pressured into fantasy football or pretending to have a stake in who wins the Super Bowl. No. Eat your wings and check your Facebook until the nest commercial break. Why? Because it’s your right!

And besides, some of us are more concerned with The Walking Dead anyway.


Peace out, party people.


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