Spoken Word Piece: The Nature of More


It needs more, don’t be mistaken
By the look on its face, it’s never satiated
Mark this statement: it will always want more
The hunger, the craving, the desire
All for the pursuit of more, folklores
Tell tales of those, noble of heart
Torn apart for the pursuit of more
Money, wealth, love, food, water, hate
Sex, drugs, television, hope, another day
More. Just give it more
It needs it. The urge burns within the linings
Of its stomach, pining for more. Whining
Crying, claiming it’s dying because the lack of more
Makes its own existence a chore
So when it doesn’t have more, it fantasizes
What if this? Maybe that. Possibility arises
Arrives and becomes the foundation of lies
Residing in the mind, that more is worth more
Than anything else, and the hunger outgrows need
The hunger of survival transforms into greed
When the desire for more has no limit
From a simmer to brimming over the rim
With the pain of brethren, shades of red
The remnants of casualties in the war for more
Therefore more can never be enough
More has no end while enough is what it is
Can both coexist? Retraction.
Can they coexist peacefully without overreaction?
Without “enough” constantly asking
When is enough, enough?
Yet more can never be enough. That’s the nature of more
More will always be more – after, present, and before
But more has a cost. With every gain, there is a loss
Still, the hunger remains, the craving, the desire
It loses no fire
The fire of mankind

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