Daily Opinion: Is the World Ready for a Black Panther Movie? Of course it is.

black panther

So it was announced that in 2017, Disney/Marvel will be releasing a Black Panther movie. I’ve heard a number of people say this is amazing because it’s focusing on a Black superhero. It’s so groundbreaking!


Sorry Blade.

Steel Shaq

You don’t count, Steel.


You always count, Blankman.

But honestly, as a Black man, sometimes I wonder if calling attention to all these “firsts” just reinforces the idea that we’re different from other people. This is the same thing with Captain Marvel which will be a Marvel movie with a female lead.


Sorry, El- er… never mind.

In any case, I think this is cool despite my waning interest in comic book movies. If these movies were coming out when I was a kid, my mind would have exploded. Back in the 80’s, comic book movies were extremely hit or miss (as much as I loved those old Superman movies, they became bad really quickly). We also didn’t have Black main characters unless they were in a comedy, they were paired with a White main character, or it was a “Black movie.” So yeah, we’ve made progress, folks.

That said, recognition is nice, but we’re plugging holes in a dam here. The progress made should be for equality and acceptance at all levels. It’s easy for me to play armchair quarterback and say this, but it’s true. Everyone’s struggle for acceptance is valid. So while I think this is awesome, let’s not pretend it’s the Civil Rights movement all over again.

At the end of the day, Disney/Marvel like the color green (or whatever color in which your wacky foreign money comes).

Peace out, party people.

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