Peek’s Picks: Purpose Looks to Change the World Socially and Economically

Peeks Picks

Despite canceling a call with him due to a burned out power supply on my PC, Aric still managed to send me something that made me excited to be alive. This week’s pick is Purpose.

This blog is littered with posts and podcasts about social rights, democracy, and anti-capitalism. Truthfully, the lack of motivation to fix these archaic world problems amongst people I know made me jaded for a while. I felt like I was alone in my thinking. Then Aric shows me Purpose focuses on creating alternate social and economic models that are driven by the masses rather than a few with power. Two things they preach are creativity and collaboration.

Be still, my beating heart.

Here are a few of their achievements:

– Purpose co-founded this organization to create a worldwide grassroots progressive movement. Today, Avaaz is the largest campaigning organization in the world with over 30 million members.

– All Out: Purpose incubates thisorganization that eventually becomes the world’s biggest grassroots LGBT rights group in the world.

– Peers: Purpose tackles consumer activism by launching an organization that promotes sharing economies.

This is awesome and gives me ample hope for humanity. My goal is to become part of this organization in any way possible. Give it a look and maybe you’ll feel the same. Let’s change the world!

Twitter: @purpose

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