Spoken Word Piece: Self

Photo Credit: Eugenio Siri
Photo Credit: Eugenio Siri

Down the river of thoughts many of us fail to see
Blocked by the concept of the me
The self, the ego
The illusion we fall prey to everyday
Along this river are wants and desires
The fire of physical passion, regrets and fears that shatter facades
Glass houses demolished
Anger and rage, whose opinion is better
And the will to live forever
Why? Because of the I, the self
The river of self wants to be selfish
But what would that river be if it was selfless instead
Because the self only wants and thinks this world is
Revolving around it, when the self can’t recognize a world without it
You are not it, and it is not you
You are not a you because that illusion of the river
It tells you every day is the idea of separation
We are all one, don’t believe me? Then I’ll prove it
Just look at what we’re made of, particles and molecules
And so is everything else
Because, most of matter is filled with empty space
Nothing distinguishing where one thing begins and another ends
So where do you begin and where do you end
Where? When was your first thought?
Do you know? Could you tell me?
But you think your thoughts are you. Why? Tell me.
If your thoughts are you then why can’t you remember your first one?
Tell me why? Why? Because you are not your thoughts
You never were, it’s just an illusion of the river
You are we and we are one, estranged family members in a universe of perception
Yes, this world is just a construct of the mind
Not just the world, the universe and the illusion of you and I
And when the eye is removed from the equation all those fears
Regrets, opinions, thoughts on what’s right or wrong are all gone
And what you have is peace and the feeling of we and not a you
We’re connected by energy, we are every possibility
We are brothers and sisters every living thing, consciousness is key
You don’t need to heed my words, but for the very first time
I see through the lie, may we all go in peace

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