App of the Week: Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail

I’m an old school Google supporter (regardless of whether they may or may not attempt to one day take over the world). Remember Google Wave, iGoogle, GOOG-411, and Google Buzz? No? Well I do and I used all of them. Therefore, it should  come as no surprise that I tried Google’s purported re-imagining of email as soon as I could.

Verdict: It’s pretty cool

Gmail bugged me for years with its lack of folders. They made attempts to rectify this with labels and tabs, but it just wasn’t the same. Inbox by Gmail uses bundles which takes tabs to the next level. Certain types of emails get bundled together in categories automatically in the same way tabs do for Gmail. You can also create custom bundles based on words or names and emails will be bundled together. Best part? You can delete in one swipe rather than selecting messages.

Simple, but awesome.

You can also pin emails so anything important/relevant to you will be on top or in the pin view. Possibly my favorite feature is the snooze button. You can set reminders for emails, appointments, etc., but the biggest boon is the ability to hit snooze and be reminded later for something like a response. This is perfect for me, a procrastinator with ample amounts of ADD.

The only downside is you need an invite to use the service (for now), but if you get the chance, check out another potential winner from Google.

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