Throwback Writing: The Early Show

Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow

People are weird and weird things matter to people.

So I manage a group of seven people at the moment. The other day one of the more emotionally unstable people on the team comes to me and feels the need to lay out the problems she has with me; one of which is I don’t say Good Morning every time I come in.

I can’t believe we’re having a discussion about this.

Me saying Good Morning every morning is similar to saying ‘I love you’, not because you mean it, but because it’s the thing to do.

I get it though: Not saying Good Morning can be seen as impolite, but if we get along in every other capacity, why does it matter? What weight does this, in my opinion, empty greeting hold? We’re co-workers. I reiterate; why does it matter? I don’t even say Good Morning to friends and family every day. My greetings are as follows:



‘What’s up’


Sup, bitch’

‘Merry Christmas’

Maybe I’m a robot and I just don’t get people. If I am I want to be cool like the Terminator…

Or Vicky from Small Wonder

But my name would be Vick because I’m no chick robot. The frilly apron can stay though.


Anyway, so now I’m in a position where I have to say Good Morning. Does the gesture mean anything when you know I’m only saying it because I feel I have to now? It’s a sad thing when something so trivial can divide people, but I’ll play my part in this farce.

It’s 7am and I just got in for work…

Co-Worker: Good Morning!

Me: Sup, Bitch.

Close enough.

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