Daily Opinion: I’d Never Believe in a Million Trillion Years I’d be Writing This, but Kim Kardashian Is an Effing Genius (Maybe)


I don’t write about celebrity gossip. Ever. But today I am. Why?

Kim Kardashian.

She somehow managed to make someone who has largely avoided the light of her fame care. I cared enough to write this post. I don’t care much, but still, it happened. Isn’t that the goal of a celebrity? That’s what she is. Her job is a celebrity. You can call her a reality star if you want, but it’s the same as saying Kim Kardashian famous for being Kim Kardashian.

That’s her talent. And man, is she talented.

She knows how to make people care. Love and hate seem to have little value alone. In fact, she probably prefers a healthy mix of people who fall far on either end of the spectrum. But what about the people who don’t care? What do you do about them? You do something extreme. Sort of.

Kim Kardashian had a sextape “leak.” I personally think it was purposely done for fame (sorry Ray J), but one could argue that’s all speculation. This time she’s taken photos for a magazine, celebrating her (full frontal) nudity. This isn’t part of her shady, shameful past. This is a party for Kim. A party where everyone who loves and hates her is invited. Even the people who don’t care. You can check her out too if you want.

#breaktheinternet and all that, right?

This got me thinking, what if Kim Kardashian’s mission is to make as many people care about her so she can share some great truth with us. I mean, it’s not probable, but it’s certainly possible. I’ve wondered this about myself sometimes… what would I have to do to get my voice as loud as possible so I can share some great insight I feel I have? I do what I can on this blog and my podcast, but my voice is small. The genius behind Kim Kardashian is she is willing to go where others aren’t.

Where I’m not.

If I had her voice I’d talk to the world about what we can do to get past our BS, but I’m not willing to do certain things to get that voice. She is. She may be using it to simply earn more money, but she’s accomplished something many of us never will.

She made people care.

Peace out, party people.

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