Book Excerpt: A Week in the Life – Chapters 4 and 5

Photo Credit: Ahmet Kaya
Photo Credit: Ahmet Kaya


“What’s with you, John?”

Now this is the other side of Diane – the one that only her boyfriend gets to see.

Lucky me.

“Damn it, Diane; are you able to see my side of this at all?”

She isn’t.

“My dad is a sensitive guy! You can’t just expect him to be cool with you not paying attention to him. Especially with that whole texting incident.”

Told you.

“Jesus, how long do I have to bear the shame of saying your dad has coffee breath? I point out things I happen to notice! You have gorgeous eyes; what if you saw me accidentally text that to someone?”

There’s no way she’s buying that logic, but let’s hope that compliment I snuck in will calm her down some.

“That’s not the same thing and you know it.”

No such luck.

“Diane, you and I both know your dad doesn’t like me. He never has. He just doesn’t care about hiding it anymore. Why let it affect us?”

“Because my family is important to me. My dad is important to me. He’s only tough on you because he wants the best for me. Living up to his expectations wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.”

Fuck that.

“Fuck that.”


“Your dad’s standards can blow me. I’ve tried… for… years. What else do you want me to do?”

“Be more understanding.”

“Well, okay then. I’m glad you were able to see my point of view.”

“I don’t see it. I was just saying-“

“Goddamn it, Diane, that was sarcasm. Y’know what? Goodnight. I’m done.”



I hate it when she doesn’t get my sarcasm. We’ve been dating for six years now; how the hell can she still not catch that? She doesn’t know me any better than you do.

An aimless walk should hopefully help me to calm down. Vodka would help more. Where the hell can I get a drink in this area of Queens?

Why in the holy hell am I continuing a relationship with a daddy’s girl who feels compelled to change her sheets before and after sex? She has some issues she should probably work on before seriously dating someone. And yet I stay with her. It’s like we’re both waiting to see who’s willing to pull the bandage off first.

The most tedious game of Chicken ever.

Wait, why am I just wandering around? I live in the age of technology, baby! Let’s see what my phone says is in the area.

Hmm… seems to be a lot of Korean restaurants in the area. Seeing as how I didn’t get to finish my meal, I’m more than fine having some bibimbap with the mass amount of soju I plan on consuming. Luckily there’s a place a few blocks away.


A Week in the Life
Chapters 1 and 2
Chapter 3


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