Daily Opinion: The Idiotic Battle of Theists versus Atheists

Richard Dawkins

Yesterday, I was on Google+ looking for communities to join. One upon which I stumbled was a community for atheists. Now, my first reaction when I saw that was something like, “Ew, atheists,” followed by an acrid taste in my mouth. Not that there’s anything wrong with not believing in God – believe whatever the hell you want – it’s more so the idea that a group of people formed based on the idea that another group’s ideas are wrong.

It’s like being a vegan.

I get that same feeling when I hear there’s a group of vegans that meat (whoops) to talk about new findings in the vegan world and how the flesh eaters are doomed to ruin this world. Yeah, not all vegans are like that, but it’s a stereotype that floats around because there are, in fact, vegans who fall into that category.

I’m not religious at all, nor do I actively say there is no god. I don’t know. Neither do you. You can pretend a magical book from long ago has the answers, or you can pretend science that is bound by human limitations has the answers. Whatever makes you feel better. Just shut the hell/heaven/purgatory/none-of-the-above up about your opinions.

You don’t know.

You’re basing EVERYTHING on a theory and arguing it as if it’s fact.


Just because we’re the “smartest” creatures on earth doesn’t mean we should be treating our beliefs as fact It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on; we’re all delusional if we think we know anything for a fact. Want to test this out?

How do you know any of this isn’t just in your head? All the people you know… hell, even your own memories. How do you know? You just know, right?

Sounds a lot like faith to me. I suppose the theists and the atheists aren’t so different after all.

Now can we all sit down and have a nice/last supper?

Peace out, party people.

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  1. First off most most atheists don’t say there is no god, all they say there is not enough proof for god. Get your facts straight. I’m an atheist and I don’t say that crap. I just say I don’t know. You’re a moron if you think otherwise. Good day.

    1. See my vegan analogy. I didn’t say all or most, I said there are those who follow the stereotype of that. Good day to you too!

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