The Ramblings Podcast: Episode 33 – Just a Little Verse I Wrote

The Ramblings Podcast: Episode 33 - Just a Little Verse I Wrote

Today’s a different kind of podcast; I’m just performing a verse that I wrote a couple years back. Can a brotha get six minutes of your time? Six minutes! Anyway, I have it on YouTube also if you want to check it out. Enjoy! (lyrics below)

Run time: 6:00

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I’m rising from the gutter mother fuckers
A cut above’em like Jason who’s hunting your former lover
Who’s hiding under the covers, nothing will even faze him
The faces he’s seen chasing some semblance of a dream
Me, the mind of, kind of an animal
Always seeking some beef, just check it inside my mandible
Bone structure will damage you, Amadau, I don’t give a fuck
Take eight of my fingers, and I will gladly give’em up
Point the remaining ones at everybody I hated
And even some loved ones claiming that I’m the greatest
But I’m not, I’m just another grain of sand, in an hour glass
Steadily falling and waiting for my time to pass
Looking around at the structures in our society
Gang rivalries eyeing me, poachers hunting for ivory
Preachers preaching their piety, baby don’t fucking lie to me
Just because I’m smoking don’t really mean I’m too high to see
Past the looking glass, past a pretty face grinning and a fat ass
Past a president who’s claiming that he’s not the first class like an X-men prequel
Polls are steady dropping like charges on Beanie Siegel
I came to see the truth just a year ago
Open my third eye seeing all of the miracles
We’re destroying for money, it’s something that we created
Like Jesus, you don’t believe it, so why are they both saviors
One is in the long term, the other in the shorter one
Fight for your right to have them so either way you bought a gun
Now I don’t really hate on any belief – system
As long as you aint hating on mine, try to make me listen
To bible verses and passages, sadomasochist getting mad at this
You bastards is calculating the averages
I’m going to hell. Maybe I am
But the planet’s coming with me so all of us say god damn
7 billion people on a little rock
Only seven matter to me, that’s where the counting stops
Cause in seventy years, well after my coffin drops
7 billion people won’t even mention my name, not
Even a memory for the lyrics and melodies
Cause my spirit finally lifted, you dig it, set free
From the shackles, death is another part of life
Like living is part of death, and that’s the circle of…
Too easy, get a better metaphor
To let them head to Armageddon, I’m ready to set it off
No Jada Pinkett, or bitches sticking a bank vault
Take it laying down, so maybe it’s all the plank’s fault
Or we can blame it on video games, R rated movies
And physical pain, broads making doobies
Submitting to reefer madness, wrap it Glad bags
Part the whole reason our people are so savage
That’s what the reporters want you to think
They’re in bed with politicians and corporations throw in the kitchen sink
While shitting on the mass-es
With subliminal messages passing us by, like women running Pharcyde
We all right, it’s all wrong
Society is starting on its swan song
So mother fucker just wait a doggone minute
I’m fitting to kill’em all like villains gripping a sawed-off
Blasting, harassing all of status quo
Quoting Nikki, Ricky Ro, slip another Mickey
In the drinks of the ghetto, gett’em from the kitchen sink
Mix it making sugar water, now you’re belly’s on the brink
Of needing a needle, Diabetes, hypertension, be the seeds of the evil
Menu, can I get it super sized?
And another order of a chili mozzarella
Pizza chicken finger super duper loaded double trouble fries
Get it for a dollar, feed it to your offspring
Often, coughing, while needing to catch a breath
Did it because a clown in a magical talking box
Started talking all of this bull about his burgers be the best
It’s so ridiculous how our will is bending faster than a torn ligament
Figments of my imagination said that my pigment didn’t matter
Reality said it did
Ask me about it later, no fuck it, I plead the 5th
Shit, in this day and age this is what we do
Drink a brew or a mountain dew, Call of Duty too
Denying the truth, why are we even looking for proof
Instead we’re offing each other while claiming we got the juice
Twelve steps later we got addicted to television
Shows, saying they’re real, when really they’re a joke
Mimic the biggest frauds living, willing to get a job shilling
To all y’all who isn’t really a pawn spilling blood
For his master, card discovering all
Americans expressing their thoughts on the cause of
Credit indebted, regretting the betting of stocks
Regression recession pressure don’t lessen the only drop
Is our grip on the road of this slippery slope
Hope falling to the wayside, condemning all the gay pride
Dope in the vein, why, killing communities, no joke
Humans and humanity is borderline insanity
Whenever spoken together, my glass is half filled
Even though we get in our own way or stand still
Heroes emerging with purpose and vision saving
Us all, you say it’s Satan, I’m quoting the words of Carl Sagan
Everything we know and everything we’ve ever been
Every soldier, killer, king, every story mentioning
Captured within the lens of a telescope shot
Are the 7 billion people on a pale blue dot

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