Spoken Word Piece: Thoughts About Us

Photo Credit: GabPRR
Photo Credit: GabPRR

Alright, I started on a piece for today, but couldn’t think of a good way to end it off yet. For now, here’s another verse I wrote to Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit A.” Don’t expect perfect grammar with this one, folks; I make sacrifices for the musical aspect!

My mom and pops said that they wanted a better life for me
Holding it over my head like I owe’em, no I don’t, I’m exposing
The difference between, what you expect and what I’m giving
Can you see, 20/20, I’m living a dream
Leaning on a star while making love my queen
Letting our powers combine, Captain Planet on the scene
And yet, everybody wanna question and keep guessing
If the psychedelics made a mess of my noggin
While mother f***ers are dying in Compton
Palestinian wars, of course it’s easier to turn away from a problem
Or a probable cause, f*** it, do you know who you are?
You try to find it with a shot at the bar
You try to find it with a good paying job
You’re a manager, a thug, or even a superstar
Caught up in the hype, moths circling around a light bulb
Hash tagging addicts couldn’t add it to the right sum
Y’all can live in probability, I thrive in possibility
Never confined my mind embraced infinity
Combined my inner beast with inner peace and made harmony
It’s the first of the month, but 4/20 is still calling me

Put your hands up, baby put your hands up
None of y’all the boss of me, word to Tony Danza
It’s all inside of your head, but my reality said
Just settle down, because the crown is an illusion
Confusing all of the fools, trying to prove that
It’s me versus you and, it’s like Patrick Ewing
Getting dunked on by Michael Jordan making the crowd say oh and
Ahslamalakum my muslum brothers, Jamaica to Haiti
Wonder how I got the eyes of Stevie Wonder
Because I’m blind to the color lines
Dividing minds so never mind, this is the present time
F*** the past, can we all laugh about it
Cause we all made mistakes, is it that hard to have a fresh start
But we stand on opposite sides of right and wrong
Claiming we should be standing on the other side
Got it twisted like the number 9 times 11
But one is flipped on its head, the feeling is so perfection
It’s the yin and yang s*** they even preach it in the bible
Love your fellow man and woman, f*** a rival, or a rifle, or a fist,
Unless it’s up and stands for righteousness, listen up as I’m writing this
Mom and dad I’m trying to have a better life right now
I got my wife now, and my triple eye sight now, so y’all can pipe down
With all the negativity killing me softly, never again
I only want the best for all of y’all, I never pretend to be
Anything other than me, myself and I, like De La
Can you tell I span flavor beyond chocolate and vanilla
Fuck the black and white bullshit
Peace is the dream, but even Martin caught a bullet

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