Daily Opinion: Oh, So Now They’re Hating on Brothas in a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Huh?

John Boyega

Damn it, nerds. This is why no one liked you back in the 80’s. You get a little bit of freedom on this thing called the internet and you waste it on hating on a dude because he’s a Black stormtrooper.

Give me your lunch money.

So yeah, last week the Star Wars Episode VII teaser premiered (operative word is teaser) and wannabe Jedi got their collective panties in a bunch because John Boyega dare put on a stormtrooper outfit. You mean we can have all types of goofy-looking alien Jedi, but one Black stormtrooper (it could even be simply a disguise) causes all this ruckus?

Stop giving people reasons to play the race card, people. You know this is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Why do you even care? This is the type of silly thing that makes people assume something racist is going on. Probably because, y’know, you sound a little racist complaining about this.

In a movie franchise universe where humans regularly interact with advanced alien species, do you think those characters think anything about race? Ridiculous, right?

You know what else is ridiculous? Jar Jar Binks. Remember that son of a b***h? Now that was an insult to the Star Wars franchise. How are you guys still not pissed at that one? I haven’t stopped boycotting Episode I to this very day because of him. A Black stormtrooper played by a decent actor (have you seen Attack The Block?) is something I can handle.

Peace out, party people.

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