Daily Opinion: The CIA Is on Blast for Torturing People. Can You Tell I’m Shocked? Neither Can I.

Photo Credit: Justin Norman
Photo Credit: Justin Norman

Hey everyone, the CIA tortured people during the Bush administration.

Didn’t we already know this?

Well, if you didn’t know, it’s just another instance that shows America is not much different from some of the countries we lambaste. WE TORTURED PEOPLE. That’s crazy. I mean, even if you oppose the ideals of anyone who was tortured, can you really cosign on this? Are you all for torture?

It’s analogy time, folks!

I’m a vegetarian, but I’m not doing it for any moral reason. I do it simply because I don’t mind it. Since I started practicing, a good friend of mine said she feels many people are fine eating meat because they don’t need to see the process. That’s a bit unfair, no? She proposed anyone who wants to eat meat should go through the process of what it’s like to slaughter and prepare said meat.


I mean, albeit non-human, we’re dealing with lives in that example. The same goes for torture. I’ve read opinions from people who are defending the CIA’s actions, which is crazy. It’s easy as all hell to play armchair quarterback, but could you actually be the torturer?

Are you okay with waterboarding?

The CIA is.

Are you okay with HIDING acts of torture from the American public and (supposedly) the government?

The CIA is.

Whatever. The fact is this: none of us should be shocked. The US isn’t some sweet, innocent country; we actively participate in the continuation of these types of violent acts. Still, I’m personally not cool with this. There’s enough pain in the world and we’re not going to change that by introducing more. I’m just not surprised as to my country’s participation.

Peace out, party people.

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