Daily Opinion: It’s Okay to Let Friendships Run Their Course


Man, it’s been a while since I wrote one of these. Let’s talk about something unrelated to global current events.

Over the last few years, I changed in some very significant ways. Many parts of me are largely unchanged, but I have a very different idea of life and my place in it than I had in, say, 2010. As such, there are people in my life who have stayed with me through these various changes, and they realize my distance isn’t me cutting them off, but rather I am just extremely focused at the moment. They know me. They trust me. I’m the same with them.


Then I have some friends that seem to have a static idea of me. They still treat me like that super nice guy from back in the day who just needed a healthy dose of self-confidence. The same guy who would drop anything to hang out because he was just that kind of guy. That guy who had very clearly defined thoughts on life and didn’t get into crazy, abstract ideas that aren’t always easily relatable.

Most of my friends fall somewhere in between these two ends of the spectrum. For the most part, it all works out. I’m sure there are people who are wondering why I’m MIA, but I hope they can understand I’m literally starting over to build my life. It’s nothing personal; we’re still friends. I hope to catch up to you all once I can relax more.


I know a couple people who are super negative about where I’m going in my life and how I’m doing things. Despite the fact I’m happy. Despite the fact I’m not doing anything to hurt myself or others.

Well, that’s fair; everyone is entitled to their opinion. That said, if someone’s negativity has an impact on our relationship and interactions, I don’t see a reason to be friends. Not that we can’t be cool again, but at a certain point, I don’t see the point of being friends with someone when you fundamentally have a problem with who they are as a person. In my situation, these people are (seemingly) upset with the new Andre because he’s too much of a departure from the old Andre.

Why’s he marrying a non-US citizen he only met a year ago?

What’s all this meditation crap he’s talking about?

Energy? He must be on drugs.


Then fine, we don’t have to be friends. I’m not angry or upset. The length of time we’ve known each other shouldn’t be a factor either. If we’re walking on two divergent paths, let’s just split. There’s nothing stopping us from converging again. I don’t have a wall up. Friendships dying isn’t a bad thing. Much like life, why does anyone assume death is some type of finale? None of us know ANYTHING past the present moment.

We can predict.

We have statistics.

We’re still just gambling, pretending certainty exists more than it actually does.

Maybe we’ll rekindle our friendship. Maybe we won’t. Either way, thank you for being an important part of my life. I, quite literally, wouldn’t be the person I am without you. However, I found my path. I wish you luck on yours, as well. Maybe we can meet up again sometime and laugh about how stupid it was that we let a silly thing like expectations affect a friendship. Until then…

Peace out, party people.

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