Blog Update: Schedule Changes for 2015!

Photo Credit: Jon Rawlinson
Photo Credit: Jon Rawlinson

Now that 2015 is here, I figure I may as well kick off this new calendar year with some changes to my blog schedules. My first big change is The Ramblings Podcast will be once a week on Mondays now. I’m also adding a new life coaching podcast I’ll be posting on Wednesdays. This will replace the 2nd weekly episode of The Ramblings Podcast. There are other new post types, but the biggest change is 3pm ET will be used for experimental posts that may or may not become regular features Check out the full schedule below!

9am ET: 
Positivity of the Week I did a horrible job of consistently posting this. I’m getting back on my game.

11am ET:
The Ramblings Podcast
12pm ET: Lessons from a New Self-Earner
1pm ET: Daily Opinion
2pm ET: Inspiration 101 – I just want to share things that inspire me. Inspiration is always good, right? Right.

11am ET:
12pm ET: Peek’s Picks
1pm ET: Daily Opinion
2pm ET: Spoken Word Piece

11am ET:
Everyday Life Coach – A new podcast that lends a helping hand to anyone trying to figure out this crazy thing called life.
12pm ET: Adventures in Photography
1pm ET: Daily Opinion
2pm ET: Book Excerpt

11am ET:
12pm ET: The Dream Chaser ProjectMy girlfriend and I want to explore the world and share our lives together. These posts will track our journey to making that happen.
1pm ET: Daily Opinion
2pm ET: Essay – A long-form piece about… whatever I feel like writing!

11am ET:
The Gibbler Podcast – Television podcast
12pm ET: Friday Procrastination Links – I also sucked at posting this one. Let’s give it another go!
1pm ET: Daily Opinion
2pm ET: Lesson of the Week


Peace out, party people.

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